Trump and the assault on Capitol Hill: ‚We risk a civil war‘

The images of Donald Trump’s fans who yesterday stormed Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, to contest Joe Biden’s victory in the US elections shocked the world.

What was supposed to be a simple protest demonstration has turned into the darkest day in the recent political history of the United States. The Tycoon’s supporters climbed over the security barriers (fragile, to tell the truth) that separated them from the Capitol, where members of Congress were ratifying Joe Biden’s victory in the US elections. The scenes of devastation, of unlikely revolutionaries sitting on the benches of Congress and on Nancy Pelosi’s desk have gone around the world.

As did the armed personnel clearing the seat of US democracy around the world. While all this was going on, Donald Trump kept talking about election fraud and a stolen victory, while asking his supporters to „go home, peacefully.“

A chaos that could cost him removal by Constitution, two weeks before the transfer of power with Joe Biden, officially set for January 20.

All this could not but trigger the reaction of the cryptocurrency world that yesterday watched astonished what was happening on Capitol Hill.

Brock Pierce, crypto pioneer and Bitcoin Rejoin, with a past in the development of EOS and Tether, who was running for US president in the ranks of independents, hoped that Joe Biden could restore peace.

„Throughout history, the United States has always been united in times of conflict. Despite color, creed, gender or political party, we are the tangible example of democracy.

My heart is saddened by what exploded today in the nation’s capital. I want to emphasize, it is imperative that we honor existing systems, respect life, property and the transition of power. We trust in the success of President-elect Biden and a reunified nation built on peace.

Let’s keep the United States of America the greatest nation in the world.“

Charles Hoskinson on Trump and the assault on Capitol Hill

Harsh, indeed very harsh words from Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, behind the development of the Cardano blockchain.

„We no longer have legitimacy in our institutions, and this is the direct consequence of many decades of delegitimization, a division produced by the media, with people no longer able to listen to each other. These flames were fanned by a totalitarian demagogue who once he lost the election, instead of accepting the result, despite the gravity of the moment, instead of using his incredible mandate, his charisma, his incredible personality, his enormous resources for something productive, maybe a convention on the constitution, maybe electoral reforms, massive reforms of the electoral system, he chose to lead this nation on the threshold of a civil war.“

No more flattering is the assessment of the president-elect:

„The president to come has no mandate. Joe Biden is president in name only. Half of this nation doesn’t believe in him and respect him or think he’s capable of leading us anywhere. He needs to understand that. When he takes office this month, if he chooses to invest what little power he has, procedurally and constitutionally, and inflict on this nation his brand of opinionated coming from his own party, it will only further fuel the divisions among the American people to the point where I believe we will experience a civil war in my lifetime.“

Yesterday’s scenes were also branded harshly by Vinny Lingham, CEO of Civic:

At the end of its most difficult day, the U.S. Congress has declared Joe Biden president. The transfer of power is set, as per tradition, to January 20. It will be two very long weeks in which Donald Trump risks being dismissed by recourse to the 25th Amendment and the transition entrusted to his deputy Mike Pence.

In an America in shock, it will be up to Pence first and Biden later to restore calm in a nation that has never been so torn.