Julia Cheek says Americans are getting screwed over with lab tests in an interview with Pomp


In a recent interview with Anthony „Pomp“ Pompliano, Julia Cheek, CEO of the home medical testing company, Everlywell, called for major reform in the U.S. laboratory testing industry.

„I’ve been fighting this battle for five years, talking about how lab tests break down and Americans get screwed,“ Cheek said in a May 19 podcast interview with Pompliano, adding

„Lab tests are cheap, they can be affordable, you should know how much your tests are going to cost, period. […] There’s no excuse for that, especially since you have to pay for it out of your own pocket more and more.“

Everlywell recently became the first FDA-approved „independent sample collection kit“, according to a May 16 TechCrunch article.

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Testing Everlywell from home
As a co-founder and partner of the hedge fund, Morgan Creek Digital, Pompliano noted in the interview that his company invested in Everlywell several years ago.

Everywell facilitates remote medical testing. The team has a network of doctors on hand to evaluate results, Cheek said. Customers can visit the company’s Web site and get the tests they need. The process includes providing the necessary data or samples remotely, sending them for evaluation later.

Everlywell also provides testing for a number of other conditions, such as food sensitivity and sexually transmitted infections.

A Big Issue in the Upcoming Presidential Election

Cheek said the current situation of COVID-19 has increased people’s concern about the tests. At times, the U.S. has demonstrated a shortage of supply of COVID-19 tests. Cheek said the escalation of testing takes time, he added:

„I think people now have a deep interest in understanding why they can’t get a test that should be available and we can expand that much more, in their minds, around why testing in general is important and we’re already seeing that.“
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Everlywell’s CEO said the tests could become a major talking point in the U.S. presidential election later this year.

Turning to crypto near the end of the interview, Pompliano jokingly asked if Everlywell accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. „We should,“ Cheek said, adding, „We still don’t. I mean, a lot of e-commerce companies do.

Testing is just one of the many issues surrounding the global status of COVID-19. A recent Cointelegraph article noted that privacy is another major battle in the midst of the pandemic.

Cointelegraph contacted Everlywell for more details, but received no response until the time of publication. This article will be updated accordingly if a response arrives.