Investorer på Coinbases debut: Bitcoin er et kjent navn og neste billion dollar-mulighet

Venturekapitalfirmaet Evolution VC Partners grunnlegger Gregg Smith har sagt at børsnotering av kryptobørs Coinbase på Nasdaq vil drive bitcoins popularitet til et kjent navn.

Med eiendelen som når en ny heltidshøyde på over $ 64 800

I en snakk med Fox Business påpekte Smith at børsnoteringen allerede påvirker bitcoinprisen, med eiendelen som når en ny heltidshøyde på over $ 64 800 onsdag 14. april.

Smith la til at notering vil fungere som en katalysator for den totale veksten i kryptomarkedets verdi når den digitale eiendelen blir en del av enhver portefølje.

“Vi vil overhøre ektefeller som henvender seg til hverandre og sier, skat, eier vi noe av dette kryptoet? Og kanskje vi burde kjøpe noen. Så å begynne å markere det folk tror er at krypto skal være en del av en konstruksjon av en moderne portefølje. Så det kommer til å popularisere det og sette det i forgrunnen, „sa Smith.

Før Nasdaq ble offentliggjort, hadde Nasdaq tildelt Coinbase en referansepris på $ 250, men aksjene åpnet til $ 381 med en verdsettelse på $ 99,6 milliarder dollar for børsen.

Mer projeksjon i Coinbases innvirkning på kryptosektorveksten

Smiths følelser deles også av den amerikanske venturekapitalisten og den tidlige Coinbase-investoren Ron Conway, som sier at noteringen vil gjøre digitale eiendeler til „den neste muligheten på flere billioner dollar innen innovasjon.“

Han erkjente at kryptosektoren fortsatt er i sin barndom, men veksten er rask og kan ikke ignoreres.

„Jeg tror absolutt at Coinbase er Google for kryptoøkonomien og åpner denne enorme muligheten for forbrukerne,“ sa Conway.

Nikil Viswanathan, administrerende direktør for blockchain-utviklerplattformen Alchemy, delte også den bullish projeksjonen fra Coinbase-noteringen.

Ifølge Viswanathan vil oppføringen skyve blockchain-teknologien inn i den vanlige arenaen. Han mener oppføringen vil gi legitimitet til bransjen.

Coinbase handler under COIN-ticker med en notering av 114,850,769 aksjer. Coinbase ble offentliggjort ved å legge ut aksjer direkte på Nasdaq, og unngikk den tradisjonelle Initial Public Offering-ruten.

RBI: Digital central bank currencies are not an unclouded blessing

The Central Bank of India stated in a report that central bank digital currencies do not only have advantages.

While the Central Bank of India has highlighted the potential benefits of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), it has pointed out some pitfalls.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has its assessment of CBDCs in a report on Currency and Finance on Sunday issued

As part of the report, the RBI noted that several countries were working on their own sovereign national digital currency.

According to the central bank’s report, CBDCs can help promote financial inclusion and transactional transparency. The Bitcoin Lifestyle also stated that national digital currencies could serve as an instrument of monetary transmission. They would help direct public consumption towards certain categories of products and services.

In explaining the benefits of CBDCs, the RBI also noted that digital counterparts to state fiat currency could be used by central banks to distribute „helicopter money“.

In its analysis, the RBI also raised concerns about the potential negative impact of CBDCs on the existing financial system. It said:

„However, CBDCs are not an unadulterated blessing. They carry the risk of disintermediation of the banking system, especially if the commercial banking system is considered fragile.“

In countries with sizeable credit markets, CBDCs could, according to the RBI, contest commercial banks for their place as the primary channel for transmitting monetary policy

As Cointelegraph previously reported, India is trying to follow China’s lead in developing its CBDC. According to RBI governor Shaktikanta Das, the central bank is “ very good at “ developing a digital rupee.

However, the RBI report did not provide details about the central bank’s project on the digital rupee . While the central bank also admitted in the report that the internationalization of the rupee was inevitable, it added that such a move would make monetary policy more difficult to formulate and implement.

With multiple countries looking to develop their own sovereign digital currencies, CBDC interoperability is something that concerns everyone involved . Meanwhile, it was also reported that China’s digital yuan would tend to focus more domestically .

Chainlink outperforms Litecoin, LINK hits new high above $24

Chainlink outperforms Litecoin, LINK hits new high above $24

Chainlink has entered a price discovery phase, likely due to rumours that Grayscale will soon launch a fund based on

Chainlink (LINK) remains one of the best performing cryptocurrencies over the past twelve months. On January 23, LINK surpassed Litecoin (LTC), taking the seventh position at a market capitalisation of $9.2 billion, after overtaking Bitcoin Cash a few days ago.

The rise in LINK’s price coincides with rumours circulating this week that Grayscale is preparing to add a new product, Chainlink Trust. This news has Bitcoin Future likely helped push the price of Chainlink to new all-time highs, making LINK once again one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies.

What is the decisive support level?

Chainlink’s daily chart shows tremendous volatility in recent months, but also magnificent price action. Every previous resistance level has turned into support, after which the price has continued to rise almost by the book.

Many people feel the urge to open a position when the price is rising, but these support-resistance reversals actually offer the best entry points. Specifically, the first support-resistance reversal occurred at the $10 level, then the same occurred at the $13 and $17.30 areas.

Consequently, the crucial level to watch for a potential decline is the $17.30 level, as well as the $19.50 level. The latter corresponds to the previous all-time high marked in 2020, and possibly the point where we will see the next support-resistance reversal, which would suggest a further rise.

Possible highs for Chainlink price

As Chainlink is in a price discovery phase, it becomes difficult to define the next potential points of interest of the highs structures. However, Fibonacci extensions are used by traders to determine these areas.

According to this indicator, the first zone is located between $29 and $31, which aligns with both Fibonacci extensions. The second corresponds to the 2.618 Fibonacci extension, at $39, and the last one points to $42.

Either way, the next wave of momentum is likely to see a big rally in the LINK-Bitcoin (BTC) pair. The recent rally has been led by Bitcoin, while the altcoin-BTC pairs have remained relatively flat.

When Bitcoin ends its correction and starts moving slowly upwards, the likelihood of better performance for altcoins increases.

LINK/BTC encounters a major resistance zone

Over the past few weeks, altcoin-BTC pairs are waking up from their hibernation, but it’s not yet time to announce the new „altseason.“ The altcoins need to consolidate and gather strength for the next rally.

For Chainlink, this build-up is visible on the left side of the chart. LINK’s price stayed within an accumulation range for a long time before starting its latest climb.

Bitcoin’s price will have to remain stable to allow such a large build-up. Otherwise, BTC’s volatility will have an even deeper impact on less liquid altcoins.

LINK/BTC is facing crucial resistance. If it fails to break above 0.00074000 sat, new tests of the levels at 0.00055000 and 0.00041000 sat will become possible.

Money Laundering & Bitcoin: Misconceptions

The amount of bitcoins involved in illegal activity is decreasing.

Crypto-tracing technology improves and reveals a less worrying world.

Cryptocurrency may be able to shed its constant stigma and become more mainstream

For some, the concept of cryptocurrency goes hand in hand with money laundering. That said, recent research suggests that bitcoin heavyweights have nothing to do with it.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) biggest boost before 2017 may have been news from the “Silk Road” money laundering market . When the world discovered a place online where you can send untraceable money to buy drugs and weapons, it sparked interest. Bitcoin Code has attracted hordes of new followers, some with good intentions, and some with bad intentions.

Authorities have now shut down “Silk Road” and the public largely forgot about cryptocurrency until its media buzz in 2017.

Unfortunately, this information leak has created many negative connotations for bitcoin. Before 2016, most people had heard of bitcoin, that its price fluctuated often, and that it was used to finance money laundering.

How many bitcoins are then actually being used for illegal activity these days, and does that line up with public opinions?

46% …

A 2019 article by Foley et al found that up to 26% of Bitcoin users and up to 46% of Bitcoin transactions were used for money laundering . These types of transactions accounted for $ 7 billion in bitcoin equity and $ 76 billion in trading volume in 2017.

While striking, these figures are not without reservations. Since 2017, bitcoin has attracted much more general public interest. With that, there have naturally been more attempts at Know Your Customer (KYC), regulation, and better tracking protocols.

Some entities even sell their services exclusively for these purposes. The anti-money laundering company (AML) AMLBot uses its algorithms to track Bitcoin addresses and transactions that have been involved in illegal activity.

Indeed, this tool has shown that regulatory trends in crypto are likely to decrease the amount of “illicit” cryptocurrency addresses. AMLBot told BeInCrypto:

“We believe the number of illicit addresses will fluctuate around 2% due to deepening regulations and LBA / KYC’s strict policies on major exchanges. No matter what happens outside of the exchanges, within the exchange, BTC addresses are regularizing. “

Money Laundering: Corrupt Bitcoin

AMLBot’s crime research methodology identifies coins related to crimes ranging from illegal markets to ransomware attacks to stolen coins. Technology qualifies illicit bitcoin as risky.

In AMLBot’s categorization system, suspicious activity can come from cryptocurrency ATMs or exchanges without KYC (know your customer), while reliable coins can come from mining or known highly regulated, or regulated wallets. .

Money laundering is difficult, but criminals always find a way. AMLBot gave BeInCrypto some examples:

“There are still many loopholes for money laundering, such as peer-to-peer exchanges, DEXs, exchanges with weak AML / KYC policies, etc. The easiest way is to sell at a discount. “

The qualifications for illicit bitcoin in Foley’s 2019 study include a similar algorithm known as the Union-Find algorithm. This popular method of tracking funds compares transactions and addresses to automatically approximate the source and destination of reported funds.

However, this method is not 100% accurate. In addition, there are many more addresses now than there were in 2017. Therefore, the “46%” of crime-related addresses need to be updated.

So even if that $ 7 billion of illegal bitcoin remained in circulation today, it would be diluted by a much larger market capitalization of bitcoin, which is now around $ 700 billion (bringing that illegal value to about 1%).

It has also been observed that bitcoin crime has significantly decreased year after year. Cryptocurrency crime in 2020 fell to $ 1.8 billion through October, from $ 4.5 billion the year before.

Next, we need to take into account what is considered “illicit” bitcoin.

Inżynier komputerowy oferuje radzie 50 mln funtów na pomoc w wykopaniu 7 500 Bitcoinsów z wysypiska.

Dysk twardy o wartości 210 milionów funtów został przypadkowo wyrzucony podczas czyszczenia biurka.


Inżynier informatyk, który przypadkowo wyrzucił dysk twardy zawierający 7 500 Profit Revolution jest gotów podzielić się 25 procentami wartości ładunku z Newport Council, jeśli pomoże mu on odzyskać go ze składowiska odpadów w mieście.

James Howells, 35 lat, mówi, że przypadkowo wyrzucił dysk twardy swojego starego laptopa w 2013 roku, kiedy sprzątał swoje biurko.

„Miałem dwa identyczne dyski twarde i wyrzuciłem niewłaściwy“. Howells powiedział The Guardian.

„Muszę się z tego teraz śmiać.“

Howells mówi, że jego stary dysk twardy jest obecnie zakopany na wysypisku w Newport, w południowej Walii. Wartość waluty cyfrowej wynosiła około 500 000 funtów, kiedy go wyrzucił.

Od tego czasu jego wartość wzrosła – obecnie wynosi około 28 000 funtów za Bitcoina – co oznacza, że skrytka Howellsa jest teraz warta około 210 milionów funtów.

Howells rozpoczął wydobycie Bitcoinu w 2009 roku. Jako jeden z pierwszych górników Bitcoinów, był w stanie użyć swojego laptopa do zakończenia procesu, wydobywając 7,500 bitcoinsów za prawie nic.

Od czasu wyrzucenia dysku twardego w połowie 2013 roku, Howells wielokrotnie prosił Radę Miasta Newport o pomoc w odzyskaniu go ze składowiska odpadów. Jest nawet gotów podzielić się z Radą 25 procentem fortuny – 50 milionów funtów.

Uważa on, że istnieje duża szansa, że wewnętrzny dysk, na którym przechowywane są dane, nadal będzie w wystarczająco dobrym stanie, aby umożliwić mu odzyskanie łupów.

Howells uważa, że znalezienie dysku nie byłoby zbyt trudne. Planuje on zatrudnienie profesjonalnego zespołu, a jak wie, kiedy go wyrzucił, informacje te mogłyby zostać wykorzystane do znalezienia siatki odniesienia do miejsca zakopania dysku twardego.

Twierdzi również, że fundusz hedgingowy jest gotów zapłacić pieniądze za poszukiwania, więc Rada nie poniesie żadnych strat finansowych.

Ale Rada nie jest gotowa. Wielokrotnie odrzucała wniosek pana posła Howellsa, twierdząc, że wykopy na składowisku naruszyłyby przepisy licencyjne i mogłyby również spowodować szkody dla środowiska.

„Od 2014 r. wielokrotnie kontaktowano się z Radą Miasta Newport w sprawie możliwości odzyskania kawałka sprzętu informatycznego, który rzekomo zawiera Bitcoins“, stwierdziła Rada w oświadczeniu.

„Rada kilkakrotnie mówiła również panu posłowi Howellsowi, że wykopy nie są możliwe na podstawie naszego zezwolenia, a same wykopy miałyby ogromny wpływ na środowisko naturalne w okolicy“.

„W związku z tym jasno stwierdziliśmy, że nie możemy mu pomóc w tej sprawie“.

Rynek kryptograficzny traci 200 miliardów dolarów, gdy spada bitcoin

Wartość rynku kryptowalut spadła o 200 miliardów dolarów w ciągu 24 godzin w wyniku znacznej utraty ceny bitcoinów i innych altcoinów.

Tolu Ajiboye przez Tolu Ajiboye 11 stycznia 2021 r w wiadomościach

Po odnotowaniu znacznego wzrostu w ciągu ostatniego miesiąca, rynek kryptowalut stracił około 200 miliardów dolarów wartości rynkowej w ciągu 24 godzin. W szczególności dane CoinMarketCap ujawniły, że wartość rynku kryptowalut spadła z 1,1 biliona dolarów 10 stycznia do około 900 miliardów dolarów kolejnych pieniędzy.

Ogromny spadek na rynku kryptowalut może być powiązany z niedawnym spadkiem ceny Bitcoin. Pomimo ostatnich znaczących wzrostów cena Bitcoina spada.

W chwili prasowej cena Bitcoin spadła o 15,99% w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin do 32 880,76 USD.

Chociaż inne altcoiny dołączyły do Bitcoin w ostatnim rajdzie, aktywa również odnotowują obecnie straty. Drugi co do wielkości zasób cyfrowy Ethereum (ETH) spadł o 22,60% do 998,18 USD. Ponadto XRP Ripple spadł o 11,69% do 0,2795 USD. Ponadto Litecoin (LTC) spadł o 24,18% do 127,76 USD.

Gdy kryptowaluty spadają, a wartość rynku kryptowalut spada, brytyjski Financial Conduct Authority ostrzegł :

„Jeśli konsumenci inwestują w tego typu produkty, powinni być przygotowani na utratę wszystkich pieniędzy. Podobnie jak w przypadku wszystkich spekulacyjnych inwestycji wysokiego ryzyka, konsumenci powinni upewnić się, że rozumieją, w co inwestują ”.

W raporcie Forbes zauważył, że spadek cen rozpoczął się w niedzielę po tym, jak Sunday Times ujawnił, że HSBC zaczął zapobiegać transferom z giełd kryptowalut .

Trump and the assault on Capitol Hill: ‚We risk a civil war‘

The images of Donald Trump’s fans who yesterday stormed Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, to contest Joe Biden’s victory in the US elections shocked the world.

What was supposed to be a simple protest demonstration has turned into the darkest day in the recent political history of the United States. The Tycoon’s supporters climbed over the security barriers (fragile, to tell the truth) that separated them from the Capitol, where members of Congress were ratifying Joe Biden’s victory in the US elections. The scenes of devastation, of unlikely revolutionaries sitting on the benches of Congress and on Nancy Pelosi’s desk have gone around the world.

As did the armed personnel clearing the seat of US democracy around the world. While all this was going on, Donald Trump kept talking about election fraud and a stolen victory, while asking his supporters to „go home, peacefully.“

A chaos that could cost him removal by Constitution, two weeks before the transfer of power with Joe Biden, officially set for January 20.

All this could not but trigger the reaction of the cryptocurrency world that yesterday watched astonished what was happening on Capitol Hill.

Brock Pierce, crypto pioneer and Bitcoin Rejoin, with a past in the development of EOS and Tether, who was running for US president in the ranks of independents, hoped that Joe Biden could restore peace.

„Throughout history, the United States has always been united in times of conflict. Despite color, creed, gender or political party, we are the tangible example of democracy.

My heart is saddened by what exploded today in the nation’s capital. I want to emphasize, it is imperative that we honor existing systems, respect life, property and the transition of power. We trust in the success of President-elect Biden and a reunified nation built on peace.

Let’s keep the United States of America the greatest nation in the world.“

Charles Hoskinson on Trump and the assault on Capitol Hill

Harsh, indeed very harsh words from Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, behind the development of the Cardano blockchain.

„We no longer have legitimacy in our institutions, and this is the direct consequence of many decades of delegitimization, a division produced by the media, with people no longer able to listen to each other. These flames were fanned by a totalitarian demagogue who once he lost the election, instead of accepting the result, despite the gravity of the moment, instead of using his incredible mandate, his charisma, his incredible personality, his enormous resources for something productive, maybe a convention on the constitution, maybe electoral reforms, massive reforms of the electoral system, he chose to lead this nation on the threshold of a civil war.“

No more flattering is the assessment of the president-elect:

„The president to come has no mandate. Joe Biden is president in name only. Half of this nation doesn’t believe in him and respect him or think he’s capable of leading us anywhere. He needs to understand that. When he takes office this month, if he chooses to invest what little power he has, procedurally and constitutionally, and inflict on this nation his brand of opinionated coming from his own party, it will only further fuel the divisions among the American people to the point where I believe we will experience a civil war in my lifetime.“

Yesterday’s scenes were also branded harshly by Vinny Lingham, CEO of Civic:

At the end of its most difficult day, the U.S. Congress has declared Joe Biden president. The transfer of power is set, as per tradition, to January 20. It will be two very long weeks in which Donald Trump risks being dismissed by recourse to the 25th Amendment and the transition entrusted to his deputy Mike Pence.

In an America in shock, it will be up to Pence first and Biden later to restore calm in a nation that has never been so torn.

Bitcoin na corrida mensal mais longa desde 2019, após chegar a US $ 28.000

O Bitcoin está no caminho para sua mais longa sequência de vitórias mensais em mais de um ano, após atingir um recorde acima de $ 28.000 no fim de semana.

A maior criptomoeda atingiu um máximo histórico de $ 28.365 no domingo, antes de reduzir parte do avanço, de acordo com uma composição de preços compilada pela Bloomberg. A sequência de retornos desproporcionais em outubro, novembro e dezembro até agora é o período mais longo desde meados de 2019.

“Minha sensação é que estamos muito perto do topo – podemos chegar a US $ 30.000”, disse Vijay Ayyar, chefe de desenvolvimento de negócios com crypto exchange Luno em Cingapura. “Devemos definitivamente ver uma retração, mas a magnitude é provavelmente menor. Podemos ver apenas quedas de 10% a 15%. ”

Foi um ano difícil para todos os efeitos. Mas para o Bitcoin, 2020 foi uma época maravilhosa

A criptomoeda quase quadruplicou, ultrapassando US $ 20.000 pela primeira vez, uma vez que atingiu recorde após recorde. Os obstinados o aplaudiram como uma proteção contra a inflação em uma era de generosidade sem precedentes do banco central. Veteranos de Wall Street, de Paul Tudor Jones a Stanley Druckenmiller, o abençoaram como um ativo alternativo, contribuindo para o rali. E empresas como a MicroStrategy e a Square transferiram as reservas de caixa para a criptografia em busca de melhores retornos do que as taxas de juros próximas a zero.

Embora nenhuma dessas razões para comprar Bitcoin seja compatível com suas origens como uma alternativa às moedas fiduciárias, elas apontam para uma aceitação crescente da criptografia como uma classe de ativos própria. E isso tem uma comunidade fanática por mais uma volta da vitória em sua busca por legitimidade. “O que está acontecendo agora – e está acontecendo mais rápido do que qualquer um poderia imaginar – é que o Bitcoin está mudando de um ativo marginal para o mainstream”, disse Matt Hougan, diretor de investimentos da Bitwise Asset Management.

“Se está se tornando popular, há tanto dinheiro à margem que vai ter que entrar e estabelecer uma posição que me deixa muito otimista para 2021.”

Mas, com o Bitcoin atraindo mais atenção, ele também pode receber mais escrutínio dos reguladores, diz Guy Hirsch, diretor-gerente para os EUA da plataforma de comércio online eToro. “Apesar dessa ascensão meteórica, há algumas nuvens de tempestade no horizonte”, disse ele, incluindo as consequências de várias ações de última hora do governo Trump, entre outros.

Prever para onde isso irá é um exercício difícil. Muitos deixaram a moeda para morrer depois que seu rali de 2017 resultou em uma queda no ano seguinte, um período de tempo às vezes conhecido como o “inverno criptográfico”.

Mas subiu mais de 300% em 2020 e muitos investidores dizem que pode continuar a ganhar no próximo ano. O que mais está no radar? Para Meltem Demirors, diretor de estratégia da administradora de ativos digitais CoinShares, há algumas preocupações sobre o que a nova administração de Joe Biden pode significar para o espaço criptográfico.

No futuro, dizem muitos estrategistas e investidores, o setor poderá ver mais escrutínio e regulamentação mais rígida com Biden na Casa Branca.

Domínio do Bitcoin atinge o pico do ano com XRP enfrenta novo processo

A Cointelegraph Markets revelou que os gráficos de dominância do Bitcoin subiram 69%.

O domínio do Bitcoin no espaço criptográfico atingiu um pico quando o principal ativo digital alcançou brevemente US $ 24.000 novamente. O preço do Bitcoin atingiu um novo recorde de US $ 24.000 no dia 19 de dezembro. Embora o BTC tenha visto grande volatilidade com seu preço caindo para $ 22.800, ainda está em alta de 1,23%, para $ 23.633,39.

Em um vídeo postado no Twitter, o analista da Cointelegraph Markets Michael van de Poppe disse:

“Historicamente, temos feito uma estrutura de ponta em dezembro, após a qual tivemos um primeiro trimestre maravilhoso para altcoins.”

O tweet da Cointelegraph Markets revelou que o gráfico de dominância do Bitcoin subiu 69% em meio à liquidação de XRP.

Como o Bitcoin continua a crescer, XRP está tendo dificuldades com as autoridades regulatórias. Em um processo recente , a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dos Estados Unidos acusou a Ripple e dois de seus executivos de garantir mais de US $ 1,3 bilhão em uma “oferta contínua de ativos digitais não registrados”. Os dois executivos da Ripple mencionados no processo da SEC são o CEO Brad Garlinghouse e o co-fundador Christian Larsen. Como resultado do arquivamento, os analistas estão preocupados que o processo da SEC possa afetar a negociação de XRP.

O XRP já está registrando perdas. Até o momento, o XRP caiu 31,59%, para $ 0,321332

Ao contrário do Bitcoin, outros altcoins importantes também estão registrando declínios diários. Ether (ETH) está atualmente com queda de 2,56%, para $ 610,71. Além disso, o Tether caiu 0,06% e o Bitcoin Cash (BCH) perdeu $ 221%.

“Asiantuntija” hämmentää itseään kritisoimalla Bitcoinia

Ei ylärajaa? Ei hajuakaan! – “Asiantuntija” hämmentää itseään kritisoimalla Bitcoinia

David Rosenberg paljastaa Bitcoinin kritiikillä, että hän ei ymmärrä kryptovaluutta.

Bitcoinin (BTC) nykyinen ennätys kutsuu kaikenlaisia kommentaattoreita paikalle. Vaikka suurin Bitcoin Up osa heistä on täynnä kiitosta kryptovaluutasta, on edelleen kriitikkoja, jotka etsivät „lentää voiteessa“. Esimerkiksi pääekonomisti, strategi ja markkinatutkimuslaitoksen Rosenberg Research & Associates presidentti David Rosenberg uskoo, että liikkeessä olevan kullan määrä on ennakoitavampi kuin Bitcoinin.

„Kaikki ovat ilmeisesti vakuuttuneita siitä, että 21 miljoonan rahayksikön yläraja on ylitetty, mutta ohjelmointikoodista ei löydy mitään, jonka mukaan liikkeessä olevan Bitcoinin määrää ei voida myöhemmin lisätä heti, kun olemme saavuttaneet tämän merkin“ kuten Rosenberg totesi haastattelussa Bloombergille eilen, torstaina.

Kryptovaluutan rajoittaminen enintään 21 miljoonaan liikkeeseen laskettuun rahayksikköön on yksi tärkeimmistä argumenteista Bitcoinin hyväksi arvovarastona. Kunnes tämä yläraja on saavutettu, liikkeessä olevan määrän kasvuvauhti lähes puolittuu neljän vuoden välein, mikä johtaa kasvavaan puutteeseen. Tämän puolittamisen ja lopullisen ylärajan parametrit on ankkuroitu tiukasti Bitcoinin ohjelmointikoodiin, mikä yksinkertaisesti tekee Rosenbergin väitteet vääriksi.

Erityisesti nopeasti etenevä tekninen kehitys

Vaikka kryptovaluutta tai liikkeessä olevan määrän kehitys voidaan laskea, on epäselvää, kuinka suuri lopullinen liikkeen kulta on. Erityisesti nopeasti etenevä tekninen kehitys voi lisätä sekä jalometallin kasvuvauhtia että liikkeessä olevaa määrää tulevaisuudessa.

„Kullan kanssa voimme ainakin sanoa, että tiedämme tarjontakäyrän kehityksen varmuudella“, kuten Rosenberg mainitsee haastattelussa jalometallin merkittävänä etuna. Ja edelleen: „Emme tiedä Bitcoin-tarjonnan tulevaa kehitystä“, sanoi ekonomisti. Ja lopuksi: „Ihmiset sanovat tietävänsä, mutta eivät.“

Vastaavasti hän kuvailee kryptovaluutta „massiiviseksi spekulatiiviseksi kuplaksi“, koska sijoittajat eivät tietäisi, kuinka Bitcoinin tarjonta toimii. Tästä hän päättelee: „Tämä on klassinen laumakäyttäytyminen, johon monet ihmiset osallistuvat.“

Muut rahoitusasiantuntijat näyttävät ymmärtävän Bitcoinin keinotekoisen puutteen paremmin kuin Rosenberg, kun yhä useammat suuret sijoittajat ostavat markkinoiden johtavaa kryptovaluutta.