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For corporate entities that desire group membership. Upon payment of annual standard corporate dues, corporate members shall be entitled to submit to the Organization the names of up to five (5) individual members from their corporation. The payment of annual corporate membership dues confers individual membership within the ITC upon each of the members from the corporation rights and privileges inherent in individual membership. Each additional five (5) person increment is an additional $150.00.


Persons, independent or representing a company, having an interest in global commerce. Upon payment of annual individual member dues, individual members shall have full rights and privileges in the ITC.


Upon payment of annual educational member dues, employees of accredited educational institutions shall have full rights and privileges within the ITC. Proof of accreditation may be requested.


Upon payment of annual student member dues, students of accredited educational institutions, who are enrolled full-time at such institutions, shall have privileges within the ITC. Proof of status may be requested, and restricted benefits may be applied.


Upon payment of annual retired member dues, persons retired from actively pursuing income producing careers shall have full rights and privileges within the ITC.

Past President

Upon payment of past president dues, persons who are past presidents in the organization shall have full rights and privileges within the ITC.  Eligablity for Past President membership is designated by the ITC.


For persons interested in receiving announcements on upcoming ITC programs.

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