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Dear Members,

Kansas City is such an exciting place to live and work!  Our location in the center of the U.S. has been a hub for trade for many years with our highways, railroads and river infrastructure. We have never seen a time in history, as now, where global commerce is so easy - with tracking systems, transportation and logistics efficiencies, the internet and worldwide travel and transport. It seems to me that the ITC is in the middle of a hub for international business in a time when possibilities are limitless. 
The ITC has had many presidents throughout the past 64 years that have each had their own leadership style, focuses and plans to better the ITC each year. As we end a term that has been led with an emphasis on organizational and operational excellence, we can reflect on the many achievements that the last year has brought. Achievements from this past year include increasing revenues, developing a 24-month calendar, creating an operating manual, executing programs and seminars of interest to the business community.  The foundation that my term has started on is very stable due to hard work from all of the members throughout the past year. 
For the upcoming year, I feel a focus on marketing would be advantageous to the organization. Since I am involved in marketing activities within my daily job, I hope to offer insight into how we can make the ITC stand out to the local business community. The ITC has many benefits for members and for the Kansas City business community and we hope to tell that story more often to those currently unfamiliar with these benefits. We will focus on outreach to area businesses, enhancing our marketing materials, and updating our website with the latest information. I hope to establish working relationships with area journals, publications and newspapers to enable the ITC to tell our story and the story of many other businesses in international. Networking is a vital part of business that sometimes gets overshadowed by busy schedules; therefore, I hope to incorporate several events of this nature into this year’s agenda. 
I look forward to a year of progress, growth and opportunity. I am honored to get the opportunity to work with individuals involved in the ITC that offer expertise, leadership and friendship. 

International Trade Council of Greater Kansas City, Inc.


4747 Troost Avenue, Suite 119 E? Kansas City MO 64110

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