Core Values


Member Satisfaction:


The ITC is strictly a membership organization.  It is lead, operated, and managed by volunteer members.  In order to fulfill its mission, those members that lead and coordinate activities must and do focus on the needs and satisfaction of the general membership.


Financial Stewardship: 

The board of directors works to ensure that ITC funds are used wisely and timely to provide programs and that all we use account for all funds diligently.

Supportive Programs: 

The ITC’s programs must support the educational and training needs of the members and support member networking. 

Continuous Learning:

As stated in the mission, the ITC focuses on commercial trade education.  We are adult trainers and learners helping other adult learners succeed through education and training.

Professional Excellence:

The ITC has a long history of professional businessmen and women contributing their time and efforts to manage the ITC and to conduct the programs.

International Networking:

The second part of the ITC’s mission focuses our efforts to create forums where people come together and share experiences and ideas.  The ITC fosters business people helping other business people.


International Trade Council of Greater Kansas City, Inc.


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