ITC and Internships with an International Focus
The Park University Office of International Affairs and Education, Park University Career Development Center, and the International Trade Council (ITC) have been working on two educational projects during 2009: International Career Day for 2010 and an international internships database (local internships with international focus and/or internships outside of United States).
The ITC is involved in a number of exciting projects for the near future which would offer interns greater exposure to various elements of global trade operations. For more information on an ITC internship opportunity contact Larin Payne at
We strongly encourage all ITC members to consider offering internships as we believe that there is a significant pool of qualified students in this area receiving strong support and encouragement from their respective schools.
A long-term goal of the ITC is to establish a formal committee structure and formalize an internship program. In the short term, we can easily act as an intermediary, pairing interns and internship providers through opportunity postings on our web site.


Please view the ITC/Park University International Interships webpage at


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