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ITC Scholarship Fund

2013 ITC Scholarship is due March 30, 2013.
This is a special opportunity to support the future of international trade in Kansas City!!!
General Summary:
Local area students apply each spring to be considered for a scholarship sponsored by the International Trade Council of Greater Kansas City (ITC).  We know that you consider international trade to be vital to the future of our community, our city and our country! Please help us support the cause!
ITC History:
The International Trade Council of Greater Kansas City (ITC) was founded in 1944 under the sponsorship of the late J. C. Nichols as a not-for-profit organization to foster development and expansion of international trade through education and networking. It is the oldest international trade association in the region and it serves members throughout eastern Kansas and western Missouri. ITC membership includes corporate and individual members from manufacturers and service organizations engaged in global activities.
2012 Recipients of the ITC Scholarship

Hillary Desneux, Rockhurst University


Lais C. da Silva, Rockhurst University


Lais C. da Silva, a senior at Rockhurst University is an international student from Brazil and has been living in the United States of America for four years.  She first came to America and lived with the local family as an AuPair on May 5, 2008. Knowing that she had limited opportunity to get same quality education in Brazil, the host family had offered to help her with her Associate Degree. They also provided a home for her to stay. She later went to finish her education in a 4-year university after she completed her Associate Degree in Arts. In August 2011, she moved to Rockhurst University and began to work on her bachelor's degree in International Business. In December 2011, she began to work at Capistrano Global Advisory Services as an intern, and continued to work there to this day. She is proud of her accomplishments and very thankful for all of the wonderful people and groups, including ITC that helped her to achieve so much. This scholarship will help her attain her degree in a great University, and in the future she will be able to do something she truly loves, which is work in the field of International Business.


Hillary Desneux, a senior at Rockhurst University, will graduate this December with a Bachelor’s Degree in both International Business as well as Spanish. Hillary is multi-lingual speaking English, Spanish and French while currently learning Portuguese. Hillary is involved with several organizations including Delta Sigma Pi, serving on the Dean’s Student Advisory Board, and Students in Free Enterprise. She has also taken part of Rockhurst University’s collaboration program with the International Trade Council in the GRI (Global Research Initiative) Project in Guatemala during the Spring of 2011. In January, Hillary took part in a study abroad program in Barcelona, Spain to study international business and expand her knowledge of business practices abroad. Her main interests lie in studying and learning about different cultures and languages while promoting and being involved with international trade and global management
Featured left to right:
2012 Scholarship Recipient Hillary Desneux,
Executive Director of ITC Irina Kobzeva,
and 2012 Scholarship Recipient Lais C. da Silva
2011 Recipients of the ITC Scholarship
  • Mathew Losey, University of KS
  • Christiana Corrie Troupe, Rockhurst University
2010 Recipients of the ITC Scholarship
Charif Hamidi, attends Park University and plans to graduate in May 2011 with a Bachelors of Art degree in Finance and International Business with minors in Global Studies, Economics and Legal Studies. Charif speaks four languages including English, Moroccan, Classical Arabic and French. Charif has been active in numerous organizations including the International Relations Council, People to People International and the Alpha Chi Honor Society. Upon graduation Charif’s interests lie in being involved in the international trade and currency speculation domains while attending law school.  
Hall Alexander, graduated from Kansas University after completing the Master of Global & International Studies Program. Hall is currently enrolled in the KU Master of Business Administration program beginning this fall. Hall speaks three languages including English, Spanish and Italian. He has taken several opportunities to study abroad including the Ixchel Spanish Academy, La Antigua Guatemala, Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri, Florence Italy and Consortium Institute of Management and Business Analysis, Paderno del Grappa, Italy.  Hall plans to apply his knowledge towards advancing objectives of economic development in Latin America and Africa. 
2009 Recipient of the ITC Scholarship
Rachelle Netzer, a senior at University of Kansas, was a Political Science and International Studies major. Rachelle is multi-lingual speaking English, Spanish and Portuguese. She has already had an internship with the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, been a Microlender and participated in the Save Darfur Coalition. Her goal is to work for the US State Department after graduation in December 2009.
2008 Recipient of the ITC Scholarship
 Amiran Gelashvili (featured below), a native of Georgia (former Soviet States), attended school at Park University and maintained a 4.0 GPA. Amiran speaks 5 languages, with fluency in Georgian, English and Russian. His goal is to work for the World Bank in Wash. D.C.
2009 Supporter of the ITC Scholarship
The Greater Kansas City Foreign Trade Zone became last year’s generous scholarship supporter and was featured in our Newsletter. FTZ supports Kansas City businesses involved in international trade by servicing the largest foreign trade zone in the Western Hemisphere. Al Figuly, President of the FTZ is also a frequent speaker at ITC events.
 Rachel Netzer- 2009 Scholarship Recipient
Note: The ITC is a non-profit 501c3 organization so contributions are tax deductible
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