Boeing Optimistic

Boeing Optimistic That Export-Import Bank Will Get Funding

The New York Times checks in with Boeing while the company works to get a congressional decision for the ... Read More>>

How Data Will Transform Business

The TedTalk "How Data Will Transform Business" by: Phillip Evans, was filmed in San Francisco in November 2013.

Click on the link below to see the video

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ITCKC offers international trade education programs, provides a forum for international networking and helps students learn negotiating and research techniques utilized for international ... Learn More >>

Global Research Initiative (GRI) is an educational tool in which an elite team of area college/university students is paired with an area company in order to conduct a serious international strategic planning project with actionable outcomes for the beneficiary ... Learn More >>

TradeWins - the International Trade Game is a proprietary business simulation exercise presented in a dynamic and interactive format which involves all participants as executives of imaginary companies located throughout the world with interests in a certain ... Learn More >>

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